Continuous monitoring of blood glucose for 72 hours


With iPro2 doctors have an excellent tool to assess glycemic control of patients quickly and easily, in order to optimize diabetes control.

iPro2 is a professional device for continuous ambulatory monitoring of blood glucose (MCG) for 72 hours designed to provide a more complete picture of glucose levels of patients by simple data collection glucose in their tissues. iPro2 improves your ability to make confident treatment decisions that allow you to optimize the treatment of diabetes.

Glycosylated hemoglobin tests and blood glucose of single isolated laboratory overlook important information. Even if glycated hemoglobin levels are within the range of expected values, does not mean your glucose is controlled. The isolated blood glucose may miss up to 80% of the ups and downs potentially dangerous that may occur during the day.

The continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) gives you a complete picture highlighting the glycemic excursions that are not detected by HbA1c, capillary blood glucose and blood glucose lab.


To access comfortably up to 288 measurements will allow us to know the glycemic profile of patients in their real, everyday life. Individualized continuous monitoring can help identify times of day that require changes in treatment.

iPro2 is very useful for any patient in which it is deemed necessary and helpful access glycemic profiles up to three days. Obviously those are more complex managing patients who may benefit from iPro2.

The final report gives us:

  1. Glucose data up to 3 days to conduct a retrospective analysis.
  2. Extraordinary precision to make decisions with greater confidence.
  3. Minimal handling of the device, which reduces the risk of errors.


We note the usefulness of the device in patients with nocturnal hypoglycemia or hypoglycemia unnoticed, patients who have difficulty achieving the goal of HbA1c and pregnant women who experience a significant glycemic variability or patients with discrepancies between HbA1c and logbooks.

How does it work?

ipro2-400x280iPro2 is a device that uses the most advanced technology for continuous monitoring of glucose for more comprehensive data on their simple daily usage levels for both patients and professionals. It includes a glucose sensor and a small memory data records automatically the information related to glucose which can be used for 3 days.

A device, only 3 x 3 cm, which requires no prior training for the patient.

During those days, the patient can continue with their daily routine (the sensor and transmitter are water resistant!) While the iPro2 records up to 288 blood glucose values per day. Imagine having to control blood glucose that many times in a 24 hour period!

Once the data has been recorded, the patient must return the transmitter to the doctor and the information stored in the device is easily discharged through a fully integrated web platform that allows you to perform a simple data evaluation through complete and visual graphics.

After downloading and analysis of data, a detailed report will give a more complete picture of the daily glucose levels and how food, sleep and other factors can affect is obtained. The reports are very intuitive and easy to understand with only a glance.

Have more complete information can lead to better decisions and control. Consult your doctor today to see if an assessment iPro2 can be useful for you.

Even the report is useful to motivate the patient when implementing changes in the management of their disease, after checking the effects that patterns of exercise, meals, stress and medication have on your glucose levels.

Requirements for this test and recommendations: For patients with a doctor’s order.

  1. Make an appointment, preferably at 8:00 am
  2. Attending exactly when you are prompted to place and remove the equipment, because it needs to be downloaded, processed and deleted in order to use it in other patients. NOT require medical consultation. The setting time is about 20 minutes.
  3. You can eat food, do not need to be fasting.
  4. You must bring a doctor’s order.
  5. The patient should shower before putting the equipment. After you placed the device you can bathe even in swimming pools.
  6. You should not slather on creams, powders, oils, colonies, as this may damage the equipment.
  7. You must bring a preferably open with forward buttons (not bring flannels or closed clothes) loose comfortable clothing.
  8. Keep taking all medications as directed by your physician, especially antihypertensives.
  9. No need to stop taking drugs if you take some.
  10. You can not withdraw the device absolutely.
  11. You can request the performance of this test in our office (by appointment), with immediate availability, both for our patients and for those with another physician.

The exam includes:

  1. Determination of ambulatory blood glucose record for 72 hours with Ipro device 2: at least 6 capillary glycemia is required during the study period; if the patient has no meter, one will be provided with the necessary test strips.
  2. Interpretation of results.
  3. Detailed analysis of the 72-hour blood glucose, statistical analysis of the results obtained, both in active period and rest period, graphic recording media trends and outcomes data, sent by email within 24 business hours upon receipt report back of the
  4. Payment is accepted with debit and credit cards.

Important: The continuous monitoring of blood glucose is a technical test: its interpretation will be made by your treating physician in consultation!

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