ADULT patient healt care by an internist in Caracas


Medical specialists in internal medicine often called “internists “, specialize in adult medicine. We care for our patients for life, from adolescence (NO children attend).

Internists have training in the prevention and treatment of adult diseases; after graduation in medical college, we dedicate at least 3 of formal post-graduate studies to learning how to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases that affect adults.

Just as the pediatricians, responsible for addressing children, internist specializes in ADULT patients and be their primary care physician. Although internists DO NOT practice surgery, they are able to perform preoperative cardiovascular evaluation, that help them to study and prepare the patients for surgery, with the aim of reducing the risks of the procedure or other conditions that the patient may have.

Our most important and sophisticated diagnostic tool is our brain that integrates the symptoms that the patient tells us with our knowledge, using the clinical examination as a help, which include taking blood pressure, examination of the fundus (where make a “living biopsy ” of arterioles and cerebral nerve fibers), cardiac and pulmonary auscultation and abdominal palpation, among some of the technical review. We can also practice electrocardiograms, spirometry, etc … and laboratory examinations as request laboratory tests, sonograms, X-rays, magnetic resonance, etc. , that will confirm our clinical diagnosis.

The internist is able to assist both routine problems such as flus, tonsillitis, dengue or diarrhea, as in cases of diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, dyslipidemia and hypercholesterolemia and hypertriglyceridemia, asthma, heart disease, etc., and often coordinate and integrate subspecialties that may be required due to comprehensive medical care for each patient.


Dr. Rigoberto J. Marcano Pasquier @rigotordoc

Médico Internista

Ambulatorio Medis.

Av. José María Vargas. Centro Comercial Santa Fe.

Nivel C3. Consultorio 2.

Caracas. Venezuela.

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